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We specialize in home saunas for sale as well as other luxury bath and wellness products. Saunas are valued the world over for their therapeutic and health benefits. Our catalog includes a variety of saunas to meet different needs, budgets and preferences. Whether indoor, outdoor, traditional steam or infrared, your new sauna is waiting here!

Every single sauna in our selection is carefully hand-picked based on the value and benefit to customers just like you. The goal is for you to have one that will last you, your family and perhaps guests for years to come. Now, if you know you would like to buy a sauna but aren't sure where to start, then check out our buyer's guide, "How to Buy the Best Home Sauna". This is a great resource that outlines the most important considerations to have as you narrow down your search.

Teak Furniture

Teak is a special hardwood that naturally repels water and is incredibly durable. It's not only practical as a material in the bathroom but uniquely stunning in appearance. The teak furniture made by Teakworks4u is all expertly handcrafted and inspected for the utmost quality. Benches are available in a variety of shapes and size as free standing, folding, corner as as well as ADA-compliant styles. Since it perfectly handles wet environments, outdoor teak furniture is also popular.

Bidet Toilet Seats

Used widely in other countries, bidet toilet seats are gaining popularity in the USA. For many, using one is a noticeable, welcomed upgrade compared to just using toilet paper! There are plenty of reasons to install one, including hygiene, savings, adaptive living and more. Our exclusive selection of bidet seats represents longstanding brands include Bio Bidet, Brondell, HomeTech, Cleansense and more. Every seat is very quick and easy to set up with any standard toilet, both rounded and elongated.

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Hot damn
Haha that might be the best review title we've ever seen. Glad you are enjoying your new sauna, Robert!
Nice Sauna
Fantastic feedback, Christopher, and thanks again! We hope you enjoy your new teak mat for a long time to come.
Super sauna
Very Pleased