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Sunray Saunas HL200K1 Cordova 2 Person Infrared Sauna

$2,399.00 $1,698.00

Discount 2 Person Home Saunas for Sale

Why get this size?

For a lot of our customers, a 2 person sized home sauna is just about right. Many people have a significant other or someone special in their life that they'd like to share the experience with. Even if used alone, you'll have plenty of room. The size of 2 person models is also a "sweet spot": like any other sauna, they can be set up in nearly any location, and they are roomy for two without taking up too much floor space.

What's functionally different than getting a one-person model?

The 2 person models use similar setups and heating technology as the 1 person models. They have a larger interior to heat up, though with more infrared heating, using either high-quality carbon or ceramic panels, the time it takes to heat up is comparable. A traditional hot rock sauna will always take a bit longer than an infrared model and may require more time to heat up the more interior space there is.

Can you make sure both people are comfortable?

Comfort is key, no doubt! Outside of compromise on the temperature, there are some good ways to ensure both users are getting the most enjoyable sauna bathing session. Users can position themselves closer or further from the emitters. TheraSauna, one of the more advanced lines of saunas with interesting patented technology, lets you control the heat output of the heat panels individually! Regardless of how you and a partner accomplish it, finding a comfortable setting is very doable with any of our models. Whether with steam or with infrared heat, the sensation felt will be reliably relaxing and invigorating.

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Fantastic feedback, Christopher, and thanks again! We hope you enjoy your new teak mat for a long time to come.
Super sauna
Very Pleased
Best Purchase of 2020
Best purchase of 2020? What an honor! Thanks again, Grant. :-)
Wasn't sure but I am now!