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Bio Bidet
Bio Bidet A3 Bidet Attachment

$89.00 $59.00

Bio Bidet
Bio Bidet BB-270 Duo Bidet Attachment

$109.00 $79.00

Brondell Freshspa Easy Bidet Attachment

$89.00 $59.95

Discount Bidet Attachments Q & A

How do you install one?

Installation is as simple and straightforward as can be, and no special tools are required. You simply remove your existing toilet seat (which can be round or elongated), place the attachment down, adjust as needed, then fasten the toilet seat over it. A metal hose is connected to your existing water supply the same was as the toilet, so you can use an endless amount of water at a pressure that's most comfortable for you. Attachments that have temperature control can use the hot water supply of a nearby sink.


Who should use a bidet attachment?

Like other bidets, these can drastically lower your need for toilet paper and deliver a better clean overall. That's something anybody could appreciate, but in particular, if you are someone who likes the idea of upgrading to a bidet but wants something as simple and affordable as possible, then this is a great option. Also, those with limited mobility can benefit from the easy controls. You don't need to look at the controls to set the pressure. The knob(s) can be turned and the pressure can be physically felt.

Are they durable?

Our commitment to you is to bring the best quality bath & wellness products at the best prices, and bidet attachments are no exception. While some manufacturers today use cheap plastic parts, bidet attachments from Brondell and Bio Bidet are known for quality. These models use solid brass hardware, such as T-valves and stems, to maximize durability. Bidet attachments are also very easy to keep clean, just as easy as keeping the toilet seat itself clean. The nozzle can even self-clean with a low water pressure setting.

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