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Bio Bidet
Bio Bidet A1 Handheld Bidet Sprayer

$79.00 $49.00

Discount Handheld Bidet Sprayers Q & A

Why choose this kind of bidet?

Sprayers are significantly less expensive than a bidet toilet seat. You don't have any of the luxurious features, such as a heated water supply, automatic cycles, multiple nozzles, night lights, etc. but handheld models still offer tremendous value. They perform the essential function of a bidet well: using your water supply for a superior clean. Even though there's more effort involved moving it around yourself, you do have absolute control over the position and angle of the sprayer. It's suitable for both posterior and feminine cleansing, with adjustable water pressure to keep everyone comfortable. Aside from that, you re-purpose the sprayer to rinse anything else, for example, traditional cloth diapers!

Why buy these bidet sprayers?

Like the other types of bidets we sell, the sprayers adhere to the highest standards of manufacturing today. The bidet sprayers can easily be mounted in a holster. The metal hoses are long and flexible for ease of reach and feature a durable inner core. Metal T-valves ensure longevity of your bidet sprayer and allow complete water shutoff for safety. The after-sales support, in the unlikely event you need it, is second to none thanks to the solid manufacturer warranties.

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16 reviews
Not as good as it could be

Needs 3 people to assemble. Needs insulation in ceiling. Needs structural improvements. Needs stones that fit heater.

Beautiful Sauna

Easy to assemble & use
Love it!

Easy and priced right

I’m not mechanically inclined but putting this together was a breeze. All assembled and turned on in under an hour. Up to 130 in 15 minutes. Using it every day and living it. Buy it

Works great but cheaply made

Pros: works great. Gets hot quicker then expected. Lights work great and are pretty bright. Now the cons

Cons: cheaply made. Floor is very thin. Supports were missing large chucks of wood. Door handle is very cheap. Handle is held on by 2 wood screws going through too way to big holes in the glass. Radio is okay very cheap and is run by the worlds cheapest antenna that looks like someone made it in there basement. Super flimsy. Magnet installed at factory was not centered on metal strip. It was only catching by 1/16.

Over all it would have been a 5 star sauna if they weren't so cheap on the materials.

Amazing company and Sauna

Super fast shipping and we so enjoy the sauna. Really easy to set up and it works like a dream!! Thank you!

Wow Daren, that's so wonderful to hear! Thanks for the kind words and for choosing our store. Enjoy your new sauna! :-)