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Discount Infinity Bidet Toilet Seats Q & A

What are the hallmark features of this brand?

There are few unique "claims to fame" for Infinity. These seats are made with a ceramic that conducts heat very quickly. This will come in handy, especially on those cold winter mornings. Like other advanced bidets, you can also enjoy the unlimited warm water. They have twin nozzles and an impressive level of control over nozzle positioning and spray settings. Infinity is a product line meticulously built to last and maintain peak performance. The vertically aligned nozzles with self-cleaning ability to promote better hygiene and streamline maintenance. The controls are water-proof, and the lid softly closes to prevent slamming.

Who should use an Infinity bidet seat?

These models are safe and effective for anybody: men, women, children as well as special needs users or those with skin irritation and related conditions. With special settings like pulse, bubble, and massage settings, anyone can find just the right settings to comfortably meet their specific needs. The hot/cold and sitz bath features, in particular, are unique hot/cold modes designed to help alleviate the perineum and aid in healing.

What's the difference between the XLC-2000 & XLC-3000?

The only difference is that the XLC-2000 has a side-mounted control panel, while the XLC-3000 uses a remote control. This may have bearing on your decision depending on the physical requirements of the user or simple preference. Besides that, all of the other luxury features can be enjoyed with either.

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19 reviews
Very Well Built, Great Purchase

Takes about 30 min to put together. Not sure how they sell these at this low of a price. Great quality. Looks like it should cost $4000.

Great Service

Delivery was on time.. easy setup.. love it

Great experience!

Sauna took 2 weeks to arrive, and arrived on a pallet. Put it together that night and I used it for the first time that same night. Everything worked great, and assembly was fairly easy.

Hi Mark, thanks so much for the great feedback and we're thrilled you're enjoying your new sauna! Take care

Not as good as it could be

Needs 3 people to assemble. Needs insulation in ceiling. Needs structural improvements. Needs stones that fit heater.

Beautiful Sauna

Easy to assemble & use
Love it!