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Discount Infrared Saunas for Home Q & A

What is the significance of infrared heat exactly?

Infrared, like UV radiation, is an invisible light emitted by the sun. The difference is that saunas can isolate infrared, filtering out harmful ultraviolet radiation, so users are left with a number of benefits with risk of damage to the skin. The wavelengths are 6-14 microns, which are particularly beneficial for the human body. It has been shown to efficiently and safely penetrate the skin to activate the sweat glands.

Saunas are by no means the first technique to harness the benefits of infrared. For many years healthcare professionals would use heating lamps. Korea's traditional warm floor, called Ondol, also emits FAR infrared waves through stone and earth which to some researchers explains their health benefits. Today, FAR infrared home saunas are the most readily available, consistent and effective way to enjoy the benefits of infrared heat!

What are the benefits of infrared saunas?

Infrared home saunas can heat up relatively quickly using ceramic or carbon heaters, and the energy is very efficient. With an infrared sauna, 80% of the energy is used to heat up the body, leaving a small amount to heat the ambient air. This allows them to operate ideally in temperates often ranging from only 100 to 140 F. Those who might breathe easier in cooler air or who want more streamlined operation will enjoy an infrared model.

A growing body of evidence suggests different health benefits of this kind of sauna. The high amount of sweating produced is great for removing toxins and heavy metals through the skin. Higher sustained temperates lower blood pressure and may improve circulation. Sweating in a sauna is also a fantastic way to burn hundreds of calories in a single session while stimulating your metabolism. FAR infrared saunas may also help with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, insomnia, muscle relaxation, immunity and more.

Is infrared safe?

Yes! Our infrared saunas prioritize safety and have all major certifications including ETL, CETL, and CE. They are all-natural sanded wood with blind nails (so the nail heads are not exposed) and no toxic glues. Many saunas also have timers to make sure the heat turns off when your session is done. Infrared heat itself is produced by the sun and our own bodies and is not like ultraviolet or microwaves.

Where can you put an infrared sauna?

Many people are surprised to learn that they can go just about anywhere! As long as you have enough room to contain the assembled dimensions, you can set up your new infrared sauna in a variety of places, including the garage, basement, attic, closet, laundry room, under the stairs, to name a few places. Assembly is designed to be as simple as possible. With one or two people, you can move the individual panels to any room and complete assembly typically within 2 hours with a Phillips head screwdriver. It is also possible to set one up outdoors, but it is imperative that the sauna remains covered, ideally with a canvas to protect against water and sun damage.

How much does it cost to operate one?

Not much at all! Once you have your new infrared sauna, you can look forward to years of use without any major ongoing expense. For a full hour session, the wattage will cost about 10-15 cents, which is much cheaper than going for an hour at any spa. As far as repairs or replacements, everything is covered under warranty.

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15 reviews
Beautiful Sauna

Easy to assemble & use
Love it!

Easy and priced right

I’m not mechanically inclined but putting this together was a breeze. All assembled and turned on in under an hour. Up to 130 in 15 minutes. Using it every day and living it. Buy it

Works great but cheaply made

Pros: works great. Gets hot quicker then expected. Lights work great and are pretty bright. Now the cons

Cons: cheaply made. Floor is very thin. Supports were missing large chucks of wood. Door handle is very cheap. Handle is held on by 2 wood screws going through too way to big holes in the glass. Radio is okay very cheap and is run by the worlds cheapest antenna that looks like someone made it in there basement. Super flimsy. Magnet installed at factory was not centered on metal strip. It was only catching by 1/16.

Over all it would have been a 5 star sauna if they weren't so cheap on the materials.

Amazing company and Sauna

Super fast shipping and we so enjoy the sauna. Really easy to set up and it works like a dream!! Thank you!

Wow Daren, that's so wonderful to hear! Thanks for the kind words and for choosing our store. Enjoy your new sauna! :-)

Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss Bidet Seat
Warren M. (Acworth, US)
BB-2000 great design

Definitely worth the extra money with its wiggle setting and massager. Installed quickly. Same fittings so connected it to previous bidet's T junction. Has a water pump inside it makes plenty of pressure. Deodorizer programmed so can turn it on when only someone is sitting on seat or always off. Super Happy with it !

Hey Mr. McCluer, we're absolutely thrilled you love your new bidet seat and thanks again for choosing our store! Bio Bidet's quality really is exceptional. Enjoy! :-)