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Discount Home Saunas Q & A

Why get a home sauna?

There are plenty of great reasons to buy a sauna for home use. Naturally, there's the convenience factor of having a sauna in your home. We take pride in being able to offer you a means to have an affordable, enjoyable, therapeutic experience that for most people can only be experienced by a special appointment at a salon! Rather than having to commute to a spa, you can simply take a few steps and have a session by yourself or with others whenever you like. It's also very economical. Whether you buy an infrared or traditional model, and no matter the size, the cost of using the sauna even every day is marginal. Not to mention, maintenance and care are minimal thanks to the exceptional craftsmanship of all our saunas.

What are the benefits?

One of the benefits that are readily apparent is relaxation, and who doesn't need that? Saunas promote vasodilation, improving blood flow and circulation. Muscles and joints relax, easing pain and tension. The heat also penetrates the skint to stimulate sweat glands, which then release toxins from the body. As such, regular sauna use can provide relief for many people with conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, muscle soreness, and insomnia. As an enhanced feature, many of our saunas also provide chromotherapy, which can help stave off the winter blues while you enjoy a welcomed break from the cold!

Do I have room to set one up?

Although they're gradually becoming more common in homes, many people haven't considered adding a sauna. The good news is, that they don't take up a lot of floor space. The assembled dimensions of the saunas will vary a lot, but they can really go about anywhere. Some common options are in garages, basements, living rooms, master bedrooms, and walk-in closets, just to name a few spots. Chances are, you'll have no trouble finding just the right location for your new sauna. You can check the dimensions and other specs on the individual product pages or reach out to us if you want to confirm sizing.

How are your saunas delivered & assembled?

Saunas are very large but we make delivery & assembly as easy as possible. After you place an order, we will immediately process your order. Using one of our reliable freight companies, shipment begins and they will call you to schedule delivery. The sauna will arrive in separate panels to easily carry to the location you choose. Assembly instructions and the user manual are included. For some models, there are also instructional videos which we upload and put on the product pages. There are no specialized. tools to use, either. A Phillips head screwdriver is as about as complex a tool as you'll need! Altogether, many people can complete the whole assembly within just a couple hours.

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9 reviews
Hot damn

Great price, easy to assemble , roomier than expected and Jonathan is customer service was excellent!!!

Haha that might be the best review title we've ever seen. Glad you are enjoying your new sauna, Robert!

Nice Sauna

Seller was fantastic! Shipping was as promised! Assembly was EASY!, My only negative is the unit did not come with the actual plug, the temp gauges is in Celsius. Other than that its an awesome Sauna. That said when I discussed concerns with the sell they immediately correct the problem and made everything perfect. Great Seller Great product!


This mat seems durable, but time will tell. Though it cost more than I wanted to spend, I am very happy with it. It is exceeding comfortable to stand on. And not so heavy to make cleaning under it burdensome.

Fantastic feedback, Christopher, and thanks again! We hope you enjoy your new teak mat for a long time to come.

Super sauna

Relatively easy to put together. Well made. Very happy with purchase

Very Pleased

I bought this as an anniversary present for my wife. It was very easy to put together. I recommend checking the connections on top when plugging everything in. Some of the connections were loose at the system on top. Otherwise, very easy to get running quickly. Quick shipment from the company! Thanks!