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Sunray Saunas
SunRay HL200K2 Evansport 2 Person Infrared Sauna

$2,799.00 $2,396.00

SunRay HL400K Sequoia Sauna

$4,399.00 $3,596.00

Discount Sunray Saunas Q & A

What stands out about this brand?

Over the years, Sunray has remained a leader in quality craftsmanship, giving a lot of attention to details. The result is a luxurious, enhanced sauna bathing experience you can count on enjoying right at home whenever you like. These saunas are built to last, with the factory following IS0-9001 quality control standards. Sunray is also recognized internationally with safety certifications, including CE, CETL, ETL, and RoHS.

The quality of materials is a big draw for our customers. First, the frame of these saunas is either Canadian Red Cedar or Hemlock. In a cold climate, these trees grow more slowly, resulting in density, resilience, and strength. The outside of the saunas is sealed with a non-toxic material while the inside is sanded to be nice and smooth for comfort.

As for their infrared models, the heating technology is preferred. Rather than using wires to conduct IR heat, Sunray uses a specialized method. Ultra-conductive carbon is applied to an epoxy-resin panel activated by positive & negative copper strips on both sides. Then the panel is laminated, producing low EMF, FAR infrared heat. Better yet, the carbon nano-heaters radiate a full 360 degrees for maximum coverage.

Other special features of Sunray saunas include dual LED control panels (so you can control the settings from either inside or outside the sauna), the ability to program the settings up to 60 minutes, chromotherapy lighting, oxygen ionization and more.

How does set up and delivery work?

First, you'll be glad to know that every home sauna from Sunray (and any of our other brands) ships free to the lower 48 states! After purchase, the order is processed and you can typically have tracking within 2 business days. After delivery, the assembly of your new Sunray sauna is easier than you might be thinking. The panels can quickly and easily be put together thanks to the laser-cut tongue and groove design. You will simply need a couple of people and a Phillips head screwdriver or drill with a Phillips head bit. Altogether, for most people, the assembly can be completed in just an hour.

What about operation and maintenance?

Also easy! Sunray saunas can be set up just about anywhere in your home (or outside with an outside model). They run on 110V and use UL listed plugs. A few of the larger models require a non-standard 20 amp plug and circuit. Regarding maintenance, the minimum cleaning you'll need to do is once every 6 months or as you see fit. An important point to remember is putting a towel down to catch sweat to reduce the need for cleaning.

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16 reviews
Not as good as it could be

Needs 3 people to assemble. Needs insulation in ceiling. Needs structural improvements. Needs stones that fit heater.

Beautiful Sauna

Easy to assemble & use
Love it!

Easy and priced right

I’m not mechanically inclined but putting this together was a breeze. All assembled and turned on in under an hour. Up to 130 in 15 minutes. Using it every day and living it. Buy it

Works great but cheaply made

Pros: works great. Gets hot quicker then expected. Lights work great and are pretty bright. Now the cons

Cons: cheaply made. Floor is very thin. Supports were missing large chucks of wood. Door handle is very cheap. Handle is held on by 2 wood screws going through too way to big holes in the glass. Radio is okay very cheap and is run by the worlds cheapest antenna that looks like someone made it in there basement. Super flimsy. Magnet installed at factory was not centered on metal strip. It was only catching by 1/16.

Over all it would have been a 5 star sauna if they weren't so cheap on the materials.

Amazing company and Sauna

Super fast shipping and we so enjoy the sauna. Really easy to set up and it works like a dream!! Thank you!

Wow Daren, that's so wonderful to hear! Thanks for the kind words and for choosing our store. Enjoy your new sauna! :-)