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Discount TheraSauna infrared saunas Q & A

Why buy a TheraSauna infrared sauna?

TheraSauna has unmatched quality in the industry and beneficial patented technology. The wood used in the construction is safely and ethically sourced Grade-A Aspen or Canadian Hemlock. Each sauna is made in the USA with strict quality control. TheraSauna heat emitters, called TheraMittersâ„¢, are 100% solid ceramic for maximum far-infrared emissivity. The concave design of these heaters emits infrared heat waves 180 degrees, which provides total coverage inside the sauna. All the energy is directed towards the user(s), so the benefits of the ideal micron level can be enjoyed.

The MPS (Micron Power Select) Touchview 3.0 Control lets you control the individual infrared output from each emitter. This is great not only for one person to adjust the heat, but for multiple users with different preferences and comfort levels. The power of each zone can be adjusted to any of 15 increments from 7% to 100%.

The MPS system also ensures that infrared heat is being emitted during the entire session, even after the desired temperature inside the sauna has been reached. It makes the Theramitters idle in the background, raising their surface temperatures when needed to keep the temperature. The result for users is constant exposure to beneficial infrared heat with no "cold spots". In other words, the StableHeatâ„¢ system makes the most of every minute spent inside a TheraSauna.

Did you ever want to have a sauna automatically heat up for you on a cold morning or when you get back home from work? TheraSauna has a special 7-day programmable controller which lets you plan out your sauna schedule and temperatures in advance. With this control, you can save time and effort by eliminating the manual set up process before each use!

The TheraSauna onboard computer also has Spectrawave Mode. This setting lets users enjoy a full-spectrum of low, mid and far-infrared wavelengths. It works by cycling through 8 different settings every two minutes. In each cycle, the theramitters have different individual power levels.

What are the differences between TheraSauna & TheraSauna Class models?

Both lines from the manufacturer feature expert, quality craftsmanship. There are a few key differences. Essentially, the TheraSauna® line has a few upgraded, premium features. The major differences are the following:

• TheraSauna is completely designed and handcrafted in the USA. TheraSauna Classic is assembled in DeWitt, IA but with US Made Controls
• 7-day controller, MPS & SpectraWave technologies
• Ambient sound therapy is built into the MPS control
• Made with Aspen wood rather than Canadian Hemlock

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