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Discount Traditional Steam Saunas for Sale Q & A

Why buy a traditional sauna?

You may already know there are primarily 2 different methods of heating when it comes to saunas. Traditional models rely on steam resulting from pouring water over hot rocks. This has been done and enjoyed for centuries. Within the last 10 years or so infrared saunas, requiring no water, have also gained a lot of popularity. The benefits of either style are very well established, but there are some special ways in which a traditional model might appeal to you.

While they take longer to heat up, traditional steam saunas are usually able to reach a higher temperature than their infrared counterparts. You and others can enjoy an especially intense, beneficial sauna bathing session by adjusting up the heat. The benefits of regular steam exposure are numerous and well known, including better circulation, skin health, improved sleep, reduced stress, joint relief, better breathing by opening up the sinuses, and, as recent research shows, helps the production of valuable heat shock proteins to help develop muscle.

How easy are they to set up and use?

Just like the infrared models, our traditional saunas are shipped with everything you need and straightforward instructions to make set up a breeze. The panels can be taken up and downstairs and through any standard sized doorway. They can really be set up in any room, whether free-standing or in the corner, as long as you have the space for it. Using any of the saunas is very straightforward, with intuitive controls for the stove, lighting and sound systems.

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Fantastic feedback, Christopher, and thanks again! We hope you enjoy your new teak mat for a long time to come.
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Best purchase of 2020? What an honor! Thanks again, Grant. :-)
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