We understand: researching, buying and installing a steam shower is an exciting process, but can feel challenging at times. Whether you have just about settled on your new steam shower or you have now determined you want one and aren't sure where to start, this buyer's guide can help! Remember, we are always available to answer your questions and provide anything you need as you shop. Please feel free to contact us whenever you like.

First, here's a chart to help you get a good birds-eye view the different steam showers we offer, sorted by price from lowest to highest. Below that, you can see a list of important considerations to help you make your choice.

Note: for the "Position" column, "C" means corner & "FS" means free-standing. A free-standing shower can also be in the corner, but a corner-aligned shower is really intended to be against two walls with the rear-facing panels being at 90 degrees.

You can also see at a glance which products are also steam shower/tub combo units (generally, those are going to be some larger, higher-priced models). As for walk-in steam showers, those don't show on the chart outright. However, essentially any shower that does NOT have a tub is a walk-in unit.

Here is the comparison (best viewed on larger screens).

Model Position Shower/Tub Combo? Dimensions Price
Mesa WS-9090K C, FS No 36" x 36" x 87" 1590
Mesa WS-9090C C, FS No 36" x 36" x 87" 1590
Mesa WS-301A C, FS No 36" x 36" x 85" 1595
Mesa WS-302A Corner No 38" x 38" x 85" 1595
Mesa WS-303A Corner No 32" x 32" x 85" 1595
Mesa WS-302 Corner No 38" x 38" x 85" 1595
Mesa WS-300 C, FS No 47" x 35" x 85" 1690
Mesa WS-300A C, FS No 47" x 35" x 85" 1790
Mesa WS-802A C, FS No 45" x 35" x 85" 1790
Mesa WS-801L Corner No 42" x 42" x 85" 1880
Mesa WS-802L C, FS No 45" x 32" x 85" 1890
Mesa WS-801A Corner No 42" x 42" x 85" 1890
Mesa WS-802L Corner No 45" x 32" x 85" 1890
Mesa WS-801A Corner No 42" x 42" x 85" 1890
Mesa WS-803A C, FS No 54" x 35" x 85" 1990
Mesa WS-500 C, FS No 47" x 35" x 85" 1995
Mesa WS-803L C, FS No 54" x 35" x 85" 2095
Mesa WS-609A Corner Yes 48" x 48" x 85" 2490
Mesa WS-905 C, FS Yes 60" x 33" x 85" 2490
Mesa WS-600A Corner Yes 55" x 55" x 87" 2550
Mesa WS-609P Corner Yes 48" x 48" x 85" 2590
Mesa WS-600P Corner Yes 55" x 55" x 87" 2590
Mesa WS-608A Corner Yes 63" x 63" x 85" 2590
Mesa WS-702A Corner Yes 61" x 61" x 89" 2650
Mesa WS-608P Corner Yes 63" x 63" x 85" 2690
Mesa Yukon 501 C, FS Yes 60" x 33" x 87" 2740
Mesa WS-807A Corner Yes 67" x 35" x 86" 2750
Mesa WS-701A Corner Yes 66" x 66" x 87" 2850
Maya Bath Malaga C, FS No 47.2" x 35.4" x 88.6" 3990
Maya Bath Palermo Corner No 47" x 47" x 49" 3995
Maya Bath Modena C, FS No 59" x 36.6" x 88.6" 4499
Maya Bath Valencia Corner Yes 65" x 65" x 87.4" 4995
Maya Bath Verona C, FS No 59" × 36" × 87" 4995
Maya Bath Superior Corner Yes 64" x 64" x 88" 6499
Maya Bath Roma Corner Yes 59" × 59" × 90.5" 6995

What size do you need?

First things first, your steam shower needs to fit. For every shower in our selection, you can check the assembled dimensions. You are also able to view the drawings with measurements so you know exactly the sizes of everything you're getting. Another thing to consider is the user capacity. Much like our saunas, steam showers can accommodate one or multiple users depending on the model. As you would expect, with more inside space there tend to be more seating, jets or shower heads.

Where will you put your new steam shower?

For a lot of people, this is an easy one to answer: right where the original shower used to be. The nice thing is, that our steam showers are made to replace an existing shower as seamlessly as possible. They work with the same plumbing, but with the simple addition of power to run the steam generator. Additionally, while even single person units are pretty substantial, our steam showers are able to be installed safely above the first floor.

If this is going to be a new bathroom entirely and your steam shower is another part of your future dream bathroom, then you have even more flexibility as far as size and style. Aside from assembled dimensions, there are 3 different configurations. These are free standing, and left or right corner steam showers.

Free standing showers have glass on both the left and the right and naturally have more flexibility of placement. Corner showers fit neatly against the wall in the corner and have an open view to the opposite side. One of the many great things about our manufacturers is that they make a variety of corner-facing steam showers in both left and right alignments. On the product pages for these steam showers in our catalog, can simply choose left or right from a drop down menu.

Do you want a built-in jetted tub?

There's a special class of corner steam showers that doubles as a heated tub. These special steam showers, sometimes referred to as combo showers, are available from both Maya bath & Mesa on our store. This can be a real game-changer for anyone who wants both but would like an all in one solution. The built-in tubs in these combo units can be operated independently with its own heated water supply and jets. As these showers are naturally pretty large, there also tends to be ample sitting or standing area for multiple users.

What aesthetics appeal to you?

Glass color. Like regular showers, these units most commonly have standard clear glass. However, you might very well enjoy the eye-popping blue tinted glass of something like the Mesa WS-300A steam shower. There are actually a few showers designed by Mesa that are virtually the same shower but can come with blue or clear glass. For example, the WS-300 is clear, while the WS-300A comes in blue.

Interior color. Some showers have different interior colors, one great example being the Superior by Maya Bath. This steam shower is available in one of four colors: white, gray, black or red.

Are you interested in luxury features?

If you are new to steam showers, you might be delighted to know there are a lot of little luxury features that you didn't even know existed. For example, the Mesa WS-608P has wonderful features like a rainfall shower head, acupuncture massage & a CD connection. The Maya Bath Superior Steam Shower has similar features as well, and even has fluorescent mood lighting, bluetooth/MP3 compatibility, a 12" digital LCD TV & even a hands-free telephone! So if you want to make your steam shower experience all the more heavenly with these finer additions, then there's no better time than now.

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16 reviews
Not as good as it could be

Needs 3 people to assemble. Needs insulation in ceiling. Needs structural improvements. Needs stones that fit heater.

Beautiful Sauna

Easy to assemble & use
Love it!

Easy and priced right

I’m not mechanically inclined but putting this together was a breeze. All assembled and turned on in under an hour. Up to 130 in 15 minutes. Using it every day and living it. Buy it

Works great but cheaply made

Pros: works great. Gets hot quicker then expected. Lights work great and are pretty bright. Now the cons

Cons: cheaply made. Floor is very thin. Supports were missing large chucks of wood. Door handle is very cheap. Handle is held on by 2 wood screws going through too way to big holes in the glass. Radio is okay very cheap and is run by the worlds cheapest antenna that looks like someone made it in there basement. Super flimsy. Magnet installed at factory was not centered on metal strip. It was only catching by 1/16.

Over all it would have been a 5 star sauna if they weren't so cheap on the materials.

Amazing company and Sauna

Super fast shipping and we so enjoy the sauna. Really easy to set up and it works like a dream!! Thank you!

Wow Daren, that's so wonderful to hear! Thanks for the kind words and for choosing our store. Enjoy your new sauna! :-)